The following are officers and directors elected by the membership. The Board executes the business of FCEA within policies adopted by the membership or Representative Council and is also responsible for overseeing the coordination of FCEA activities. The Executive Board meets at least once per month.

The Executive Board members are:



Angelica Miklos

(Term ends- June 2019) Russell Ranch ES

State Council Rep. #1


Debbie Krikourian

(Term ends- June 2019) Sutter MS

State Council Rep. #2

Ed Marin

(Term ends- June 2019)


Michele Richards

(Term ends- June 2019)


Tracy Suter

(Term ends- June 2019) Vista Del Lago HS

TK-3 Member-at-Large

Stacy Kester

(Term ends- June 2019) Mather Heights ES

4-6 Member-at-Large

Maryanne Steurer

(Term ends- June 2019) White Rock ES

6-8 Member-at-Large


Dale Waldo

(Term ends- June 2019)

9-12 Member-at-Large

Tony Ruiz

(Term ends- June 2019) Vista Del Lago HS

Special Services Member-at-Large

Gregg Long

(Term ends- June 2019)

Human Rights Representative

MiChele Matsumura

(Term ends- June 2019) Prospect Community Day

Chairperson Organizing Committee

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Luci Nunes

Folsom HS (non-voting)

Chairperson Election Committee

Cindy Fryckman-Patton

Folsom MS (non-voting)

Chairperson Bargaining Team


Debbie Krikourian

Sutter MS (non-voting)

 Co-Chairperson (Folsom) Grievance Committee


Jeannette Sansenbach

Sandra J. Gallardo ES (non-voting)

 Co-Chairperson (Rancho) Grievance Committee

Leanne Linairs

Cordova HS (non-voting)

Past President

Michael Itkoff

Sandra J. Gallardo ES (ex-officio, non-voting)