Reports on Committees:

1.  Leaves Committee – The association and the district are working together to make our Leaves of Absence language easier to understand.  Article 9 has been reordered from most commonly used leaves to least commonly used leaves.   A supplemental handbook will be developed to give examples and explanations of the various types of leave available to bargaining unit members.

2.   SPED Committee – The SPED committee met after bargaining and discussed the bargaining survey results.  The committee agreed that it will be necessary to gather additional information from the bargaining unit members regarding SPED.  

3.   CTE Committee – The committee needs to schedule their next meeting.

Information Items:

Budget Forum: October 24 from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. (School Board meeting to follow) – Please join your FCEA colleagues and participate in the Budget Forum.  This is our opportunity to give input into the district budget and let the School Board know that teachers need to be a priority in the budget!   Everyone will have an opportunity to have their voice heard.

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January  10, 2019
Negotiation News
December 17, 2018
Negotiation News
Thursday, November 29, 2018
Informational Items:  
  • AB 2657 Pupil Discipline: Restraint and Seclusion – Effective immediately, the law amends Ed Code by defining restraint and seclusion and limiting the use of such techniques in certain instances. We need to make sure there is ongoing training for teachers on the law and de-escalation in the classroom.  The disproportionality committee should look at the law and make recommendations for de-escalation, restraining, and touching training updates on Ed Code training for bargaining.
  • AB 2012 Differential Pay for Parental Leave (9.2.5) Beginning January 1, 2019, AB 2012 guarantees that once an employee exhausts all available sick leave (including accumulated sick leave) and continues to be absent due to parental leave, employees will be paid no less than 50% of his/her regular salary for any remaining portion of the 12-workweek period of parental leave, regardless of the differential pay system used. We will work on updating contract language to match the law.
Discussion Items:  
  1. Appendix D / Coaches – Contract language needs to be updated to align Athletics with district policies. Peter Maroon will be working with school Athletic Directors to update job descriptions, contract language, and coach job descriptions. Recommendations will be given during the next bargaining session.  Tony, Keri, and elementary teachers will work on the elementary school club stipend language and the major and minor club stipend language.   
  2. Reports on Committees:
  • FHS – FHS is looking at new schedules (possible 7-period day), which would give students the opportunity to take more classes. Parents, staff, and students are taking surveys and will report out next meeting.
  • Special Education – The pilot is moving forward on inclusion for K-1 with the possibility of embedding training into early PD days. The bargaining team is looking at the MOU with special education to see if there are more effective ways to allocate proper workload. Leaving the classroom for four days is not the best solution. The Special Education committee will work on a solution to bring to bargaining
  • Kinder – A committee has been established to look at the three Kinder models and make a recommendation to the Bargaining Team for the model which would best establish time equity for all kindergarten children.
  • Peer Assistance Review – will have their first meeting on December 12. There is interest in looking at contract language to allow for volunteers to join the program mid-school year.
  • Common Planning Time – A committee will be put together this month to look at elementary common planning time.       Teachers need to let Angelica know if interested in serving on the committee. Elementary needs are different need to be addressed for common planning time proposals.                      
  1. Job Descriptions:
  1. Program Specialist Update – The description has been updated.
    1. Counselor – The job description is on hold until an agreement is reached on whether counselors or administration is responsible for overseeing 504’s. FCEA wants lower student ratios for counselors as well. FCUSD says they can’t afford both. A meeting in January has been scheduled with Shawna to see if a resolution may be worked out. In the meantime, FCEA suggests the counselors appeal to the school board on meeting nights to tell their story.
    2. 2018/2019 Openers – Agreed to continue bargaining Articles 8, 9, 10, and 15. Upon mutual consent, we will also add Article 12 to update Peer Assistance Review and evaluation language
  1. Hourly Rate (for Intervention, etc.) – FCUSD feels the summer school rate is too difficult to implement since payroll does not know each person’s pay scale. They would like one hourly rate for everyone. FCEA will discuss a fair rate in Executive Board. Please give your reps an idea of what you feel is a fair rate of pay.
  2. Budget Priorities – We are asking the district to establish a budget committee to look at spending priorities with FCEA and CSEA at the table. San Jose Unified has a formula in place for salaries and we would like to look at this process.
  1. Supplementary Retirement Program Update – The meetings for early retirement incentives are underway with a good turnout.
  2. Contract Language Super Min Days –
8.15.1      The elementary student school day (grades 1-6) will be increased by two (2) minutes to allow a super minimum day at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters. The super minimum days will be within two (2) days prior to, or following, the end of the trimesters. This time will be used to prepare for Parent-Teacher conferences and to complete grading and report cards.
The past practice has been for teachers to work on grades where ever they want at some schools and on campus at others. As of now, follow the principal’s guidelines. FCEA is investigating the origin and intent of the language. We will bring back to the table next bargaining session with a language clarification proposal.
  1. Recess Duty Incentive Pay – The district is investigating the idea of providing a stipend for teachers taking 2-3 recess duties per week to help the social-emotional well-being of our students. The idea is to make students’ transition back to class smoother. The principals will be asking for your thoughts on this idea on a site-by-site basis. FCEA fought to get duty-free recess time, be careful and think before giving feedback. Please send me your thoughts as well at
Future Items:
  1. Article 9 (Leaves), Article 10 (Class Size), and Article 15 (Safety)
  2. TA Review
Upcoming Meeting Dates:
January 10 – at ESC6
February 21 – at FCEA
March 21 – at ESC
Respectfully, Your Bargaining Team –
Fynn Carroll, Meg Hanley, Deb Krikourian, Pat Kuzirian, Ed Marin, Kristina Messersmith, Dona Navarro, Tom Pena, Michele Richards, Dale Waldo, and Kevin Wheeler