FCUSD recognizes that its relationship with FCEA is a partnership that works to accomplish mutual interests and wants to nurture that relationship with open communication and access to information.

7.1    District Notice to FCEA of New Hires

7.1.1    Each time a person is newly employed in a position in the bargaining unit, the District shall inform the new employee of their employment status, rights, benefits, duties, responsibilities, and other related matters.

7.1.2    At the conclusion of each school board meeting, the FCEA President will receive a list of new bargaining unit member hires. Additionally, within 48 hours of said meeting, an electronic copy of the personnel action sheet will be sent to the FCEA President.

7.2   FCEA Orientation/Onboarding Time

7.2.1   Given the legislative mandate to provide direct access to new employees during an orientation process, FCUSD agrees that it will provide no less than 10-days-notice to FCEA of any scheduled group orientations for new employees. FCEA will be given 60 minutes at the beginning of the orientation to present information to new employees.

7.2.2   The District administration will excuse themselves during the Association’s orientation time.

7.2.3    FCEA may invite California Teachers Association (CTA) endorsed vendors and CTA staff to orientation/on-boarding meetings.

7.2.4    With the assistance of the District, FCEA will prepare a video presentation outlining the areas they wish to cover with new employees.

7.2.5     FCUSD will embed this video as a part of the online onboarding procedure requiring all new certificated employees to view as a condition of employment. The district shall also include a link to an electronic copy of the FCEA membership application and to the FCEA website.

7.2.6    FCUSD will pay for one release day for the FCEA Vice President or assigned designee to meet with newly hired employees at the beginning of the second semester.

7.3   Bargaining Unit Member Information

7.3.1  The following information for all Bargaining Unit Members will be sent from the District to the FCEA President electronically in Excel or another agreed- upon format on the first working day of each quarter: August, October, January and March:

·  Name
·  Home Address
·  Phone Numbers (Cell, Home)
·  Personal Email Address (Not district email, if on file)
·  Date of Hire
·  School Site
·  Job Title
·  Employment Status (Permanent, Probationary, Temporary)

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