4.1  Subject to current District Administrative Regulation (AR) 4119.25, the Association shall have the right to access the areas in which employees work; to use institutional bulletin boards, mailboxes, and other means of communications; and to use institutional facilities for the purpose of Association meetings.

4.1.1  Association representatives may address the Board of Education as provided by law and school board policy.

4.1.2  The names and addresses of employees in the bargaining unit will be available to the Association President no later than November 1st of each school year.   

4.1.3  The Superintendent or designee will meet with representatives designated by the bargaining unit on no less than a monthly basis throughout the current school year, July 1 – June 30, at mutually agreed upon dates and times to discuss employee concerns, proposed policy changes, and new policy pertinent to unit members (4000 & 4100 series), and to obtain input which is outside the realm of the contract.

4.1.4  The representatives will be notified of anticipated changes in the District policies and regulations that affect or change working conditions for unit members.

4.2 Problem Solving

4.2.1  The primary focus is on site certificated staff and site administrators solving site related problems at the lowest possible level and in a timely manner. Schools will hold a minimum of two (2) regular meetings between the building reps and site administrators each month or on an as needed basis. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. Schools will credit building reps with two (2) adjunctive duty assignments as part of this program.

4.3 Agenda Reports

4.3.1 FCEA shall be included on the agenda for a regular site-based faculty meeting to provide an opportunity for the building representative to make an FCEA report. This report shall not be related to job actions of any kind, or any topic/comment which could be construed as negative toward the District or its officers, agents, or employees.



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