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Extra-Curricular Stipend (APPENDIX D1 AND APPENDIX D2)

16.1 Insurance Premiums

16.1.1 Dental and Vision

For the term of this contract, the District will pay the cost of the existing dental and vision insurance plans (or for plans that are substantially equivalent to or better than the existing plans.)

16.1.2 Health

The District shall contribute up to the monthly amount set forth below for health insurance premiums per employee and/or an employee with covered dependents. Premium amounts in excess of the limit will be collected from enrolled employees via payroll deductions and submitted by the District to the insurance companies.

  • Effective July 1, 2014

$525.00 single medical cap

$700.00 family medical cap

  • Effective July 1, 2015

$575.00 single medical cap

$800.00 family medical cap

16.1.3 Life

Life Insurance – The District-offered life insurance program shall be paid by the District.

16.2 Change in Providers

During the term of this contract, the District may, with input and concurrence of the District Employee Benefit Committee, obtain insurance bids and change companies, so long as the overall benefit levels are substantially the same or better than those provided in the current health and dental insurance.

16.3 In Lieu of Insurance

The District shall make a monthly payment equal to $175.55, representing half of the lowest 2006-2007 health insurance premium, to those eligible unit employees electing not to enroll in any of the major health insurance plans offered by the District.  It is the employee’s responsibility that he/she has adequate health insurance before undertaking this option and must provide proof of coverage to the Benefits Department.

16.4 Retiree/Surviving Spouse Health Benefits

The District agrees to pay health insurance premiums for eligible unit retirees.  (Program initiated July 1, 1983).

16.4.1 Eligibility Requirements: Eligibility for placement on certificated employees’ salary schedule Class 4 or 5, Step 12. A letter of retirement or State Teachers Retirement System Disability Retirement Certificate shall be submitted to the Personnel administrator/designee. The retiree shall have actually been an employee of the District after July 1, 1986. Eligible retirees will have a choice of any of the District’s currently offered health insurance plans, subject to restrictions imposed by the insurance provider or law. This coverage is for the retiree only. However, dependent coverage may normally be purchased by submission of the required monthly premium to the District Accounting Office. Once an eligible retiree enters the program, benefits will be provided for the shortest of the following periods:

  • Ten (10) years, or
  • Until the retiree reaches age 65

16.4.2 The retiree will have the opportunity to continue participation in his/her chosen program after District sponsored program lapses, by means of paying his/her own premiums, subject to restrictions by the insurance provider or law.

16.4.3 The term “Eligible Retiree” shall be defined as a unit member who meets the current STRS eligibility requirement for retirement or disability retirement at the time of his/her retirement from the District.

16.4.4 The District’s payment for these benefits shall be limited to the “CAP” insurance amount in effect at the time of unit member’s District-accepted retirement.

16.4.5 Retirees under the age of sixty-five (65), who reside outside of their health plan service area, may receive an amount of money equal to the cost of the least expensive retiree health plan.  This money will be in lieu of participation in one of the District’s currently offered health insurance plans and will not exceed the CAP amount at the time of retirement. This option will be retroactive on an individual basis for employees who retired within the last sixty (60) months.

16.4.6 Surviving spouses of District retirees may voluntarily continue participation in the program previously selected by the retiree.  This participation will be paid for by the surviving spouse and subject to restrictions by the insurance provider or law.

16.5 IRC Section 125 Plan The District will establish and maintain the IRC Section 125 Plan.  Bargaining unit members may voluntarily participate in the IRC Section 125 Plan.   

16.5.1 District IRC Section 125 Plan will include:

  • Premium conversion option 
  • Un-reimbursed medical option 
  • Child care payment option

16.5.2 All unit members who are eligible for District-paid benefits will be eligible to participate in the Employee Assistance Program.

16.6 Insurance Benefits for Part-Time Employees

16.6.1 New part-time unit members who work 50% or more shall be entitled to receive a pro-rated District contribution for insurance premiums (see 16.1 above).

16.6.2 An employee who was part-time on February 1, 1999, however, shall continue to receive a contribution for benefits on the same basis as a full-time employee, provided he/she remains a part-time employee and at least 50%.

16.6.3 Any full-time employee who reduces to less than full-time status shall have benefits appropriately pro-rated.

16.6.4 A part-time employee eligible for a District contribution may, in place of that contribution, receive a pro-rated “in-lieu” amount.

16.6.5 A part-time employee participating in the STRS Reduced Workload Program (see 19.5) shall continue to receive District-paid benefits in the same manner as a full-time employee.

16.7 National Board Certification Stipend

16.7.1 Beginning July 1, 2015, unit members with active National Board Certification shall receive an annual stipend of seven hundred fifty ($750) per school year.

16.7.2 To be eligible, the unit member must have the certification on file with the District.

16.7.3 Eligible members shall have provided service to the District for a minimum of seventy-five percent (75%) of the days in which the schools are in session during which the certificate was in full force and effect.  

16.7.4 Stipends shall be paid in the final paycheck of the school year.

16.8 Both parties agree to a renewed commitment to actively participate on the Employee Benefits Committee, aggressively pursuing the containment of escalating health care costs.

16.9 The District and FCEA agree to participate in good faith in a District-wide task force (comprised of representatives of all employee associations and District staff) to study the budget, develop salary comparisons, and any other mutually-agreed-to issues to prepare information to be used and considered for bargaining.

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