Welcome Back!

Yes, summer vacation has ended and the first day of school has come and gone. Hope everyone had a great day getting to know the students. Before we get so busy that we can’t keep track of all the events on our calendar, I thought I would share now some important FCEA events that you won’t want to miss.

For all FCEA educators, we will have a mixer September 13th at the FCEA office. On September 17th, we will have a social for new teachers and new probationary teachers. Drinks, food and gifts will be provided at both events. There will also be a CTA representative to talk about member benefits.

Hope to see you all at these events!

Welcome to our new FCUSD staff!

Folsom-Cordova Education Association (FCEA) looks forward to meeting our new educators on August 5th at the district office. We will be providing lunch and will be available to answer questions about being a new member. Our FCEA president, Angelica Miklos will give the welcoming speech at the luncheon. Angelica works tirelessly to represent FCEA at many events, meetings, conferences and school sites. She has regular meetings with the district’s superintendent, Sarah Koligian. We want to encourage everyone to join us at our social events/mixers scheduled throughout the year. Please check the calendar for these dates. These socials are a fun way to get to know your colleagues in the district. Food is always abundant and delicious. Prizes are also rewarded during these events.

This year, provided by California Teachers Association, we have several workshops on the calendar on interesting and relevant topics. These workshops are only available to members. (Check the “Calendar“)Please make sure you fill out the membership enrollment form and send them in early so you don’t miss out!

I will see you August 5th! Can’t wait to have an opportunity to meet you.

Your Membership Engagement/Communications Rep.,

Luci Nunes

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