Educator Spotlight: Martha Peterson

At which FCUSD site(s) do you currently work? For how many years total have you been with FCUSD?
District-wide APE Specialist. 15 years = 8 @ CHS/Resource; 7 APE

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Rora Tunga, Isle in South Pacific

What are your favorite things to do, your hobbies, etc.?
Gardening, Travel, Needlecrafts-sewing, Reading

What are some of the most memorable places you’ve visited?
New York, New Orleans, Kitsen Springs, OR where the water gushed straight up out of the ground, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Shelter Cove, CA, HI – Kauai and Big Isle, the house that Elvis built….

What/Who is your biggest inspiration? Why?
My Dad. He worked hard his entire life (still going at 93), survived the depression, beat the odds for a poor country boy and got his degree through Oregon St on GI bill, worked 7 days a week to feed and educate 6 kids and loved my Mom till she passed. I was only one to follow him to a degree, when growing up.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
Typical girl and horse stuff but I had no idea, other than a college education. I missed Title 9 so started playing sports in college. If I had been counseled = my writing and publishing in college, editor of yearbook in HS; my interest in horticulture + cooking skills = managing director of Sunset Magazine.

If you could do another job for one day, what would that be?
It would have to be creative, supportive of other people, make lots more money than I do now and be flexible so I could say “no”……..Hmmmm.

Tell us something that might be surprising about yourself.
How much I have loved teaching when I never really liked “KIDS” growing up. The impact I made on previous students who returned to tell me they “remembered what I said”…..and it helped them with their life choices. Overwhelmingly grateful for what I have been led to do as my life’s work.

What is the greatest thing about being a teacher/educator/counselor/nurse etc.?
The difference you can make. Not only the “ah ha” moments but the lifelong appreciation from the kids you once taught, to support them in their time of personal need. The first wave I taught is pushing 50 these days.

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